What Now? :: Motivational relief for creatives (live interviews)

March 2020: The entertainment industry is heavily impacted by the coronavirus. Since mid March 2020, pretty much everything got shut down for an unknown period of time. Alot of creatives are wondering how to move or what to do. How to generate income to compensate their loss. What Now? is a series that I created to motivate and inspire creatives through Instagram Live (@payfresh). I talk to industry people who give their thoughts and ideas on how to navigate in these times. How they stay mentally and physically healthy and what keeps them inspired and motivated.

July 2020: Since I started the What Now? series, it took off as being more than just providing motivation and inspiration for creatives, everyone tuning in, and watching, is inspired and uplifted. All of my guests so far have been sharing their journeys, their hardships, their failures and successes. But also have been talking about their personal growth, progress and their daily mental and physical health routines.

All Live Talks from the What Now? series can be viewed back on IGTV (except for the first 3).

List of guests:

  1. March 29 – Skeme Richards (DJ) @skemerichards
  2. April 1  – Michael Brigante (comedian) @michaelbrigante
  3. April 2 – Curtis Richardson (songwriter) @richamusikk
  4. April 3 – 4IZE (rapper) @itz4ize_
  5. April 4 – Dae One (producer) @dae_one 
  6. April 5 – Ivy Chanel (singer) @ivychaneltheartist
  7. April 6 – Xavier White (singer) @iamxavierwhite
  8. April 8 – Keyon Harrold (trumpeter, musician) @keyonharrold
  9. April 9 – Mike Thompson (illustrator/visual artist) @miketartworks
  10. April 13 – Llewellyn Radford (actor, motivational speaker) @llewellynradford
  11. April 18 – Cole Wiley (film director, writer, producer) @wolfwiles
  12. April 20 – Mark de Clive-Lowe (producer, DJ) @markdeclivelowe
  13. April 22- Kameron Corvet (singer) @kameroncorvet
  14. April 25 – Chuck Creekmur (journalist) @chuckcreekmur
  15. April 27 – Jay Horn (Film director) @jay.horn.films
  16. April 29 – Tony Tixier (pianist, musician) @tonytixier
  17. April 30 – Massi Furlan (actor) @massifurlan
  18. May 3 – Norman Sosa (comedian) @norman__sosa
  19. May 4 – Sydney G. James (visual artist) @sydneygjames
  20. May 6 – Dubelyoo (visual artist) @dubelyoo
  21. May 9 – Scott Tixier (violinist, musician) @scotttixier
  22. May 11 – RA The Rugged Man (rapper) @ratheruggedmanofficial
  23. May 13 – Malik Yoba (actor) @malikyoba
  24. May 16 – Rabea Ballin (visual artist) @rballin
  25. May 18 – Starling (singer) @starlingsworld
  26. May 25 – Chris Charles (photographer, creative director) @the_chrischarles
  27. May 28 – Marlon Peterson (social justice activist) @_marlonpeterson
  28. May 30 – Sarah-Jane (singer) @sarahjanemusiq
  29. June 1 – Ellis Miah (producer, singer) @ellismiah
  30. June 8 – Halim Flowers (social justice activist, visual artist) @halimflowers
  31. June 10 – Emcee Nice (rapper, producer) @emceenicela
  32. June 15 – Charlie Vox (songwriter, singer) @charlievoxofficial
  33. June 21 – Doumie (singer) @dou_mie
  34. June 24 – Shawnna (rapper) @shawnnaworldwide
  35. June 29 – Shamari Reed (artist manager, A&R, film producer) @iamshamarireed
  36. July 1 – Amadeus (producer) @amadeuspbm
  37. July 6 – Skeme Richards (DJ) – follow up @skemerichards
  38. July 8 – Amadeus (producer) pt 2 @amadeuspbm
  39. July 8 – Amadeus (producer) pt 3 @amadeuspbm
  40. July 13 – Romeo Johnson (vocal coach, singer) @officialromeoj
  41. July 15 –  Amadeus (producer) pt 4 @amadeuspbm
  42. July 20 – J. Hatch (artist manager, entrepreneur) @mogulstatus
  43. July 20 – J. Hatch (artist manager, entrepreneur) pt 2 @mogulstatus
  44. July 22 – Romeo Johnson (vocal coach, singer) pt 2 @officialromeoj
  45. July 29 – Nicolay (producer) @nicolaymusic
  46. Aug 3 –  Brandon Brown (bass player, musician) @pastorfunk
  47. Aug 10. – Kevin Teasley (music director, composer, sound designer, producer) @kevincteasley
  48. Aug 12 – Sunny Jansen (Fashion DJ, transactivist) @sunny_jansen_
  49. Aug 17 – Chip Fu (artist, motivational speaker) @chipfu
  50. Aug 19 – Tendai Nguni (artist, actor, motivational speaker) @trnguni
  51. Aug 24 – Wendy Day (entrepreneur, industry professional) @rapcoalition
  52. Aug 31 – Leon Ross (actor, artist) @mr100_leonross
  53. Sep 2 – Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew, breakdancer) @crazylegsbx
  54. Sep 7 – GYPTIAN (artist) @realgyptian
  55. Sep 14 – Koncept (rapper) @champagnekonny
  56. Sep 16 – Beat Butcha (producer) @beatbutcha_soi
  57. Sep 29 – Erick Sermon (rapper, producer) @erick_sermon
  58. Oct 5 – The Mood Doctors (rapper, producer) @themooddoc
  59. Oct 7 – Free The Robots (musician, producer) @freetherobots
  60. Oct 12 – Torae (artist, host, entrepreneur) @torae
  61. Oct 19 – Chali 2na (rapper, artist) @chali2na

Coming up:

Oct 21 – Cat Coore (artist, Third World) @catcoore73
Oct 26 – Genesis Elijah (rapper) @genesiselijah
Nov 1 – Lady Shaynah (musician, songwriter, singer) @ladyshaynah
Nov 4 – Bahamadia (rapper) @queenbahamadia


Freddie Gibbs :: “I’ll F*%K U Up”


The second edition of Woo Hah festival this year had an insane line-up. From new up and coming artists to veterans in the game. One of the artists was someone I have been trying  to talk to for the longest, Freddie Gibbs. Read more

Doomtree :: The Minneapolis Sound


The second edition of Woo Hah festival this year had an insane line-up. From new up and coming artists to veterans in the game. One of the acts that performed on one of the stages, was a group named Doomtree. Read more

Denzel Curry :: Music Is My Art


The second edition of Woo Hah festival this year had an insane line-up. From new up and coming artists to veterans in the game. One of the young rappers that hit the stage goes by the name of Denzel Curry. Read more

EPMD :: Still In Business


I have been a fan of EPMD since I can remember, and it’s crazy to think I actually became friends with these two great MC’s. Throughout the years I have had the pleasure to interview them and hang out with them, seeing them in their element behind and on stage. Read more

M.O.P. :: Staying Relevant


The Boogiedown Festival is one that I have been visiting for years and had almost missed it this year. Thanks to the organisation, I still got to be there again, as they always make sure I am aware. This year they gave me the chance to finally meet and talk to the famous Mash Out Posse, better known as M.O.P. consisting of rappers Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame. During our talk, we were joined by Laze Elliot, who definitely had a lot to say as well. Read more

Free The Robots :: Not To Be Boxed In


For the longest I wanted to interview Free The Robots. This producer from California was first introduced to me by my friend Rhettmatic, during a hip hop show in Amsterdam somewhat years ago. Not as a musician though, but as a friend. Read more

Raheem DeVaughn :: Sexually intimidating?


In the weekend that I went to visit my big sis in Manchester, UK, I got the chance to talk to soul singer Raheem DeVaughn. The singer had a show out there, and I took the opportunity to see what this guy is all about. Read more

Adrian Younge :: I am Vinyl


The, in my opinion, super producer, Adrian Younge, finally stopped by in Amsterdam again. Two years ago I wanted to do an interview but it didn’t happen. This time I got the chance to sit with him and pick his brain about all kind of things. Read more

Yancey Boys :: Frank Nitt & Illa J.


Frank Nitt and Illa J. are the Yancey Boys together. Last year they dropped their debut album “Sunset Blvd” and finally got to Europe to do a few shows including Amsterdam. Both of these MC’s (and producers) are individually known for several projects they have been working on the past years. Read more