Papoose Interview

How does it feel to be out on tour in Europe without having an album out? It feels good. Just to see that the material I put out, mixtapes and so forth, reached people so far to places I’ve never been before. Word, even just to come out here and see that they appreciate my […]

Redman Interview

– You were spotted by Erick Sermon, aka E-Dub. Yeah I was spotted by E-dub in a club called Sensations and two months after that it was history. I got signed two months later. Big ups to E-Dub and shit, you know what I mean hehe. Matter of fact, EPMD is working on a new […]

Ne-Yo Interview

– You grew up in Las Vegas and started singing in a group, when did you discover your love for singing? Very early, my mom said I was singing before I started talking. She said I was humming and singing different melodies and stuff. So I was very very very young. – When the singing […]

RA the Rugged Man Interview

– What is your side of the story on what happened with Jive and what the reasons were for them to drop you? I am right they were wrong. That’s all. – You were on all the Soundbombing albums from Rawkus, did you ever consider getting signed to Rawkus? Nah they are a gay ass […]

Black Milk Interview

– Starting in a basement doing tapes and all, what made u decide to start producing? Just being around a lot of people that were into HipHop, like my cousin, some of my friends, I was always the youngest person that ran with whatever crew I was running with back then. They were playing stuff […]

Young Jeezy Interview

– You once started as a CEO before you started rapping. Are you still active in that job? Are you looking for new talent? Yeah right now I got a label over at Def Jam, called Corporate Thug Entertainment. Always looking for new talent. It’s all about timing. – You’re pretty successful right now, you […]

Sean Price interview

– How was the performance here in Amsterdam? That was great. I was high as hell but it was great. I enjoyed the show, I enjoy Amsterdam, I enjoy traveling, I enjoy touring. – Let’s go back to Monkey Barz. What was your mindstate after that, cause it was pretty big underground. I was anxious […]

Nas Interview

– The album, HipHop is dead. What does it stand for? Do you actually think HipHop is dead? Yea I think most music is dead, R&B, rock too, I mean once you start to look at what’s happening with radio programming, television, it’s running the whole game, whatever was hot with the last artist, everybody […]

Slum Village Interview

– This is the first time y’all been here since the last album right? Elzhi: Yeah, the last album that came out was the self titled SV album, this is the first time, we tryna see how many people in the audience is hip to the new album. We re-issuing the album, we might put […]

Jaheim Interview (Dutch translation)

Is dit je eerste keer in Holland? Nee, ik ben geloof ik in 2000 in Holland geweest, ben ook in Londen en Zwitserland geweest. Ik ben eerst hier gaan touren voordat ik in de States een tour ging doen. Vind je het tot nu toe leuk hier? Leuk? Dit is als thuis voor me. Heb […]