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5 Social Media Tips for Artists

As I described in previous articles, Social Media is one of the biggest ways to connect to your audience. It is also a way to capture the attention of promoters, publishers, booking agents, labels etc. These all consist of people that could be your audience, as fans of your music, but they also look at […]

The “Dayjob” Dilemma

The dayjob dilemma usually exists in the lives of people whose dreams and goals are so huge, they want to dedicate all of the time they have in to reaching them and making them come true. Their passion is what drives them and they don’t want anything getting in the way of getting to that […]

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Networking

Networking, a term, over-used in this day and age of the internet and social media. A lot of people use social media for “networking” yet have its definition totally wrong. Pushing your work onto somebody, spamming people with links, is not “networking”. When the term networking is used in reference to some type of business, […]

Prioritizing: Making Choices that Work

Being exposed to what everyone does, every day, non-stop, there’s a lot of pressure keeping up with that fast pace. Especially in the music/entertainment industry. Every day new songs come out, albums are released, video’s are put online. A lot of artists release free music, instead of waiting on a label, just to stay relevant. […]

Rob Lewis :: A True Musician

Interviewing a true musician, who has worked with names such as Brian McKnight, Babyface, P. Diddy, Christina Aguilera, D’Angelo, Jessica Simpson, Jamie Foxx and many more, was just amazing. Rob Lewis’ discography blows one away. He was in Amsterdam to present and perform his own music from his soon to be released album. Rob talks […]

Rakim :: Been A Long Time

After 19 years Rakim Allah is back in Europe again for some shows. Just about every real hip hop head didn’t pass this chance to witness the God MC on stage again. I’ve been blessed to get the chance to talk to the living legend himself after the show. Rakim talks about his music, where […]

Heron Gibran interview

Heron Gibran, a talented artist hailing from DC, and a good friend of mine, visited Amsterdam for the 5th time again. He was here to record more songs with producers and artists from Amsterdam, who he has established solid (work)relationships with over the years (Controverse, Complex etc). He also brought two of his friends with […]

AB Interview

Not only was Daru Jones on European tour with Black Milk, the very talented musician Aaron Abernathy, b.k.a. AB, was part of the band as well, playing the keys for Milk’s live shows. AB is not just skilled on the instruments, he is a great singer and songwriter as well. This interview got interrupted in […]