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About Me

The music scene changes all the time. It’s a competitive industry and different people struggle with the different aspects of it. I have been active in the music and entertainment industry for the past 20 years. Having a musician as a father put me in that scene at an early age. I’ve been a studio and performing artist, hosted my own radio show and as a DJ, I’ve released promotional mixtapes for artists.

As a music journalist, I have interviewed artists, DJ’s and producers such as Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Dwele, Little Dragon, Nas, Ne-Yo, Black Thought (The Roots), Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), DJ Premier and Vince Staples. As well as important industry people such as Claude Zdanow (Stadiumred) and Rob Stone (The Fader). My resume also includes actors and comedians like Kevin Hart, Charlie Murphy and Romany Malco. My journalistic experience led to also being a host, moderator and speaker at several international (music) festivals and conferences such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Having a background that includes marketing degrees, in combination with having worked in different areas of the music industry, I have built an entire network consisting of artists, managers, labels, booking/talent agencies and more. Because of this diversity and the expertise that I have built over the years, I am able to advise artists and help them brand their name and art.

I am currently the business manager of rapper Jay-Way and host for the Los Angeles based online channel The Pharcyde TV.

What Clients Are Saying

MC Melodee

I love working with Pay. Apart from the fact that she handles her business with care, she moves and thinks on an international level, and she’s on point. She also has a great personality which makes it enjoyable to work with her.

MC MelodeeArtistwww.mcmelodee.com

Pay has been a great help. Working with her has helped establish my career in a short period.
She’s a fun person with a contagious drive.

Jay-WayArtistUncool Kid
Jeff Braun
For me Pay Kolmüs, is a gift from God!
Before she hopped on the bus to join my journey, my daily business as an artist had nearly no structure! I felt like I was just another artist with a couple of hits in the pocket. But since we started working as a team, I know that I will be another artist with platinum awards on moms living room wall! I know that because Pay is the most Professional Person, I personally have worked with in a long time! I feel that she’s gonna get the best out of me and my work.  She really believes in me, in my work!
Jeff BraunSinger/SongwriterJeff Braun Music

Ask Me


How do I release music? How do I find the right label? What should I consider when working on collaborations? These are examples of questions that artists often have but don’t have the answers to. I can provide help regarding releasing your music, dealing with labels, collaborations and other related topics.


How do I promote my name and music? How do I get more shows or get my song played on the radio or TV? Nowadays there are so many ways to put yourself out there. It is important to understand when the right time is and what the right channels are, for you, in order to make a significant impact, in between all of the competition. I can help you put together a strategy for branding your name and music.


Do I need a manager? How do I find the right manager? How do I handle certain business inquiries? When you don’t have a manager, it is important to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Working with a structure and knowing how to handle difficult situations or negotiations can be the difference between becoming successful or not. I can help you establish if or when you need a manager. I can also provide help with structuring your business affairs such as dealing with accounting, contracts, deals, how to handle and negotiate for bookings etc.

Book Me

Host, Presenter, Moderator

My years of journalistic experience expands to being a host, presenter and moderator at several international (music) festivals and conferences such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Doing the research, knowing how to make artists feel comfortable and relating to the audience as a fan myself, makes it easy for me to smoothly flow through a Q&A between an artist and their fans. Having been around high level industry players, has me connecting on their level one on one, making for great conversations with valuable information and knowledge for the audience.

Sharing Knowledge

Having 20 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, I am able to share my knowledge and expertise through panels at conferences and festivals, or through workshops. For booking, go to the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

First it’s good to get acquainted so I get an impression of who you are and what you are looking for. And this way you get to know exactly what I do and we can determine if we can work together. I am in favor of meeting up in person, but if time, schedules or distance prevent us from meeting face to face, I am also available by phone or video chat (Skype, Facetime). There will be no charge for the initial consultation.

What if I already have a manager?

This is not a problem. I can work together with your manager and make sure we are all working towards the same goal.

Can you get me a record deal?

No, I am not here to get record deals for artists. I can help you brand your name and music and build a good team, name and presence. Once you keep building on that and have a strong team and presence, the chances of getting a record deal are bigger. You can decide whether you want to get signed, or release music independent.

What are your rates?

Since there are different services and every artist has different needs, I don’t have set rates. Once we have determined that we can work together, we’ll look at what is needed. It all depends on both coming to an agreement of what we are going to work on and with an estimate of how long. It’s also possible to combine services in form of packages, which will be better manageable. But first, let’s see if we will work together.

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